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How does an organization exert leadership and political influence with a lawmaker? The easiest and most obvious way is to be directly related to the lawmaker.

But that requires all sorts of awkward conversations and plans decades in the making. Fortunately, we have a way more convenient method available to us: the MAPERS Political Action Committee (PAC).

Public retirement systems are one of the hottest political issues as governments struggle with ideologies that threaten to break promises made to employees about a secure retirement after a life of public service.

What a PAC does is amplify individual voices. MAPERS PAC allows each and every one of you to pool individual resources, however large or modest, into one large, very loud voice heard in Lansing. MAPERS PAC is the answer to the question: “yeah, but what can little old me do about all this?” Easy! It no longer has to be just you, alone. It’s all of us together with the same goal: supporting lawmakers who honor public service and promises made for secure retirements after years of service.

MAPERS is uniquely positioned to make a real political difference with its PAC. MAPERS brings together public employees and corporate entities for the improvement of retirement systems. Leveraging the collective might of those two massive and important entities puts MAPERS at a very large table. Lawmakers will - and do - take notice of an organization like MAPERS because of it.

Your PAC contributions help make a strong point in Lansing: the kind of legislature and the kind of legislative leaders we want are the kind that make retirement and retiree health care stronger. But for MAPERS to keep making that point, especially in an era of term limits where legislative memory is short, we need your help. We need you to be a part of this collective, powerful, corporate-and-public-employee coalition we’ve built. 

How to donate:

Mail a check payable to "MAPERS PAC" 525 E. Michigan Ave. #409, Saline, MI 48176

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